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Runified Podcast Episode 99 with Ainsley's Angels of America President, Kim "Rooster" Rossiter!

Kim “Rooster” Rossiter lives in Virginia Beach, is a husband and father, an active duty United States Marine and President of Ainsley’s Angels. We talk with Rooster about: Becoming a runner because of the joy it brought his daughter Ainsley. The national non-profit that he started, Ainsley’s Angels, which exists to ensure that everyone can experience endurance events.  The lessons Ainsley taught him and the 100 races she completed, including everything from 5Ks to marathons. Amazing stories about those participating in running races with Ainsley’s Angels.  How Ainsley’s Angels continues to grow and how you can get involved as a runner and beyond. How Ainsley’s older sister, Briley, ran with her and wrote a children’s book called Born an Angel. How his experience in the Marine Corps is intertwined with his life and Ainsley’s Angels. His motto of “together we shall”.

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