Today, ASICS North America is excited to announce the launch of the company's newest brand campaign, 'Live Uplifted.' This new campaign is grounded in the brand's founding ethos and mantra, "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body," and shows the potential of a better world through movement.

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Barriers to Inclusion

Last week’s post focused on what inclusion is, this post will focus on what things often prevent inclusion. In previous posts we have examined the environmental barriers that exist to…
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What is inclusion? By definition, inclusion is the “action or state of including others within a group or structure”. In history there are many of examples where there have been…
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Finding the Meaning IN life

Finding the meaning IN life-We have all heard the phrase “What is the meaning OF life?”…an interesting question for sure, but how about the question “What is the meaning IN…
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Learn Something New

I never had any interest in skiing as a child.  In fact, I never had any interest in skiing as an adult either.  Even after Shamus started skiing at Double…
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Just about 10 years ago Shamus had outgrown his baby jogging stroller.  At the age of 7, he had actually outgrown it sometime sooner but it became evident in the…
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Compound effect

Last week’s writing Wednesday focused on consistency being an essential part of achieving success (you can read it here Consistency – Ainsley’s Angels of America (ainsleysangels.org) ).  Another reason that…
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Advocate – Ainsley’s Angels of America (ainsleysangels.org) Compound effect – Ainsley’s Angels of America (ainsleysangels.org) Consistency – Ainsley’s Angels of America (ainsleysangels.org) Finding the Meaning IN life – Ainsley’s Angels…
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It is with a heavy heart we share the passing of our dear friend and Coastal Carolina ambassador, Shelly Warner. Anyone and everyone who crossed paths with her loved her, her giving heart and her positive attitude. Shelly Warner 💖 Wife, sister, friend, neighbor, endurance athlete, runner, centurion cyclist, author, AA Ambassador and Angel. Learn more about Shelly and her incredible story in episode 7 of the @togetherweshallpodcast Link in comments. Until we meet again! ... See MoreSee Less
If you have not watched our January Spotlight Saturday episode, give it 8 minutes of your day, or at a minimum, watch the final 3 minutes. Details: Kim Rooster Rossiter and Briley Rossiter reflect upon The Louisiana Marathon memories and recognize Ainsley's Angels of America Family Ambassador, Landis, for his execution of inclusion; having worked with LSU Football to ensure the our Angel athletes can run across the 50-yard line in Tiger Stadium with FRESHJUNKIE Racing.Also, we not only announce our December Freedom chair winner, but share instructions for how you can nominate on our youtube version of this episode for a Bunch Bikes - Family Cargo Bikes.This Episode's final three minutes is a much watch, as we enjoy perspective and reflections shared with us by a few of our Angel Riders as part of the On 'Right to Run' program. #togetherweshall #geauxrunla #run #running #joy #memories #love #inclusion #reflection ... See MoreSee Less
The first episode of Spotlight Saturday of 2023 brings profound perspective. Take some time and give this episode a watch. youtu.be/VxEB3giGVGsInclusion is not apologetic, so let’s put more headlights on the road and change perceptions through honest conversation! Thank you, The Louisiana Marathon for the energy you pour into loving us! ... See MoreSee Less
Spotlight Saturday (Ep 223) is very special and offers something g for all! Nominate someone to receive a Bunch Bike, a Freedom Chair, and prepare to gain profound prospective in the final 3 minutes. Everyone has a Right to Run! #togetherweshall ... See MoreSee Less
Still running on that weekend high that was filled with miles and smiles. 🥰📸 @digitalknightproductions @picsbypaulstephan ... See MoreSee Less

On Ep 21 of the Together, We Shall podcast, Garia and Sebastian for some laughs, deep dives, and prospective! Garia offers her take on the secret to navigating life, both for herself as single mom, and for her son, as he overcomes challenges with optimism and a can-do attitude.

Episode 12 of the podcast is powerful. As a recovering alcoholic now sober for 20 years, as well as foster parent turned Dad, Craig offers insight as both a professional and as a person on a very wide range of topics, with love woven throughout.


With chapters in 70 cities and 35 states, @ainsleys_angels goal is to educate the country on the special needs community and the importance of building inclusion. #LiveUplifted https://asics.tv/3uvyccN

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