Do I have to be a runner to be involved with Ainsley's Angels?

NO! Click here for the answer as part of #SpotlightSaturday Episode 6.

We love our Guardian Angels!

Does Ainsley's Angels have any registration fees or annual dues?

Ainsley's Angels has no registation or annual fees/dues. The only costs are associated with race registration fees that races organizers require of runners (any Angel Athlete rider registration fees are generally covered by Ainsley's Angels).  Enjoy more answers in our weekly video series, here!

Do I have to find an Angel runner for my Angel Athlete-rider?

No. Enjoy this detailed answer as part of #SpotlightSaturday, Episode 11.

Basically, once you register for a race we are partaking in and confirm with your local Ambassador that you will be participating, the local Ambassador will work on race pairings and will pair your athlete rider with an angel runner.

Where can I see a list of upcoming races?

From the menu on our website, select Ambassadors. From there, you will be able to click on your local area, either from the list or the map, to see a list of the upcoming events. Ambassadors will email you and post on their state Facebook page these events as they near. You can also sign up for our upcoming Race Series events....check out this video from race day!

What modifications (alignment) can be made to the FREEDOM Chariot (chair)?

Click here for the answer as part of #SpotlightSaturday Episode 1.  Also, you can find more infomation about the chairs on our Chariots page.

I just signed up on your website, what do I do now?

Great question!  Enjoy the detailed answer provided in this episode of #SpotlightSaturday! Also, feel free to look around the website, and check out our Finish Line Store.

How can we bring Ainsley's Angels to our local community?

Thank you for asking!  The first step is to email us at info@AinsleysAngels.org explaining why you would like to bring Ainsley's Angels to your local area and why you think you are the right person to help make this a reality!

Also, enjoy episodes 2, 3, and 10 from our #SpotlightSaturday video series for detailed answers to this question!

I do not have a jogging chair, do I have to purchase one?

No. Our local Ambassadors have a fleet of chairs for your athlete rider to use on race day. If you wish to purchase a jogging chair or enter our GRANT program, please visit this page.  Also, enjoy this detailed answer from Tanya as part of #SpotlightSaturday Episode 11!

What is an Ainsley's Angels Virtual Race?

Great question Ainsley's Mom will explain in this video!

You can join us virtually in any Ainsley's Angels race, click here is a list of upcoming events.  And yes, you can walk, jog, or roll from anywhere, at anytime, and even in segments.

Any positioning ideas for an Angel Athlete-rider to be more comfortable?

We answered this great question in the first episode of #SpotlightSaturday.   Enjoy the examples shown in the video.

Where do you get information about the BLADE running chairs?

Click here for the answer as part of #SpotlightSaturday Epidode 1

What qualifies someone as an Angel Athlete rider?

The spirit of our mission is to ensure EVERYONE is INCLUDED.  Our Angel Athlete-riders are our purpose and inspriation.  Please also enjoy this video answer.

If someone is an Angel runner, can they also be a Guardian Angel?

Absolutely!  Here are two video answers:

1.  From Rooster

2.  From Tanya

Do you rent or loan racing chairs?

Generally, we do not.  However, we have in the past and plan to continue to do so on a case-by-case basis. A little more explanation can be found here.

Is there any equipment to aid runners/riders who are legally blind?

Enjoy this answer from Angel Runner Michael. .

Do you have to be an elite runner to be an Angel Runner?

Absolutely not!  Enjoy this answer from our co-founder, Kristine, and her best friend, Angel Jessica.

What activities can our Angel Athlete-riders do in the colder months?

The list of options is boundless!  Here is one idea.

How is the money from the Ainsley's Angels virtual races distributed?

Kristine address this question in Episode 7 and of course, Epidode 8 and this video are GREAT looks at one of our Ainsley's Angels Race Series events!

Will there be various race medal and Angel-rider medals in the future?

Yes.  Video answer found here.

How can siblings or younger members be involved?

Many ways!  Enjoy this answer from Angel Briley!

Did I see Ainsley's Angels at the Marine Corps Marathon?

You sure did!  We are a proud charity partner of the Marine Corps Marathon! Contact us, if you would like to run for us at this year's MCM!   And we invite you to Enjoy these videos from past years!

Is Ainsley's Angels on Social Media?

Absolutely, and we would love to connect with you!

We are updating our Ainsleys_Angels Snapshat story daily.  Also, we upload at least TWO videos a week on our YOUTUBEchannel.

Hope to also see you on our  InstagramTwitter;     and Ainsley's Angels Facebook Page; as well as in our every growing and popular  Ainsley's Angels Facebook Family Group!

By the way, if we have an certified Ambassadorship in your state, you can also like your state Ainsley's Angels page! Just search facebook for:

"Ainsley's Angels in "

How do I become an Angel Runner?

First, we are very excited that you are considering joining our Family to loan your legs to an Angel Athlete Rider!  In order to begin the process, please visit this link and click on the big pink sign up button.  From there, find your state and submit your application to become an Angel runner. If your state is NOT listed, email us at info@AinsleysAngels.org to inquire as to how you can help bring Ainsley's Angels to your local area!

What is the #WeeklyWord?

Established on 4 February 2016, the #WeeklyWord is released once a week and builds off of a concept our President learned in the Marine Corps.  Marines always talk about needing to 'get the word' from the Sergeant or the Commander. Well, Rooster builds on this concept ONCE a week in a thought provoking video post aimed at providing value, provoking thought, and inspiring or motivating you to make a difference and be an advocate for what or who matters the most to you in your life.

Here is the playlist.


When I make a donation to Ainsley's Angels, do the funds stay local?

Absolutely!  All donations made to local ambassadorships directly benifit that local ambassadorship.  In fact 95% of the donation is applied directly to the local execution of the local mission and 5% is applied toward operating expenses paid my Ainsley's Angels of America on behalf of all local Ambassadors. We are very proud of this model and the ability to keep donations to local ambassadorships, local!

How do I register myself or a family member as an Angel Athlete-rider?

First, we are very excited that you are considering joining our Family!  In order to begin the process, please visit this link and click on the big pink sign up button.  From there, find your state and submit your application for you or a family member to become an Angel Athlete-rider.

If your state is NOT listed, email us at info@AinsleysAngels.org to inquire as to how you can help bring Ainsley's Angels to your local area!

Where can I get Ainsley's Angels merchandise?

If you are registered with an Ainsley's Angels Ambassadorship, you can first check with your Ambassador to see what items they have on-hand. Doing so, ensures the proceeds of your purchase helps your local ambassadorship.  The other option is to visit the on-line Ainlsey's Angels Finish Line store to have your order shipped to your house the following day.

What are good resources and tips for cross training?

We invite you to watch this video answer provided in Episode 12 of #SpotlightSaturday from VP of Operations, Joe!  Also, here is an article on the subject.

What is the 50 Gifts of Freedom Project?

Meet Angel Jessica in this Video answer or learn more at this link.

How can I have a question added to this list?

Great question!  We encourage you to submit your question to be addressed on our weekly video series, #SpotlightSaturday by joining this group and submitting your question or by commenting on any of the videos posted on this playlist!

Are there fees to join Ainsley's Angels?

No.  Ainsley's Angels does not have any fees to become a member of our family.  We do have an expectation that you will help with educating, advocating, and fundraising...check out the detailed answer in Episode 21 of our weekly video series,#SpotlightSaturday (click here).

What advice do you have to those considering becoming an Ambassador?

Click here to check out this video answer.

There are 3 major considerations to ask yourself:  1) Where’s your passion? 2) Do you have the time to dedicate yourself to this mission? 3) Do you have a community of people that are connected both inside of the running world, the special needs world, or the education world that you can network with?

If all of your answers lead you to conclude that YOU are the right person to bring Ainsley's Angels to your local community, email us at info@AinsleysAngels.org to start the process.