Compound effect

Last week’s writing Wednesday focused on consistency being an essential part of achieving success (you can read it here Consistency – Ainsley’s Angels of America ( ).  Another reason that being consistent in actions for long periods of time is the compound effect of those little actions over time.  I always like to think of each of the miles I run like compounding interest in a back account.  No matter what, the miles I have logged can’t be taken away from me. 

Although I know the physical training effects won’t last forever, the confidence that I have covered those miles remains.  The joy the miles have brought me is perpetual; solo miles training for a goal race, thousands of miles pushing Shay and Si in their baby jogging chair when they were small, thousands more miles in the chairs we have gotten for Shamus since then, and most recently running in circles with our dog Daisy.  The miles aren’t always easy and many times are downright difficult, but knowing that I have so many miles under my belt in the past 30+ years makes it easier to get out there and do it again.  The habit has been established.  Like a pencil mark on paper that has been repeatedly drawn on over and over again hundreds of thousands of times, it is virtually impossible to erase.

Any habit that is practiced over and over again can have similar effect.  For example, writing on a consistent basis…all those words painting pictures, vocabulary growing.  Playing an instrument…initially a struggle of breathing or fingers fumbling, eventually breathing in time to the music, fingers moving as if they had their own minds.  Speaking a new language…like a tree sprouting branches in every direction as phrases come together.  Eating healthy…each and every meal enhancing a nourishing lifestyle.  And being kind consistently…it becomes second nature, your thoughts, and actions begin to all center on kindness.

Let the compound effect help you turn minor actions into exponential positive change.  Start small and keep consistent, the long-lasting ripple effect will carry you far!