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Ainsley’s Angels Helps Runner Suffering with ALS with Wheelchair Accessible Van

This is a story of TOGETHER WE SHALL.

Kelvin Reid, an ultra runner from Tulsa, Oklahoma who has been diagnosed with ALS, created a GOFUNDME page with the following request:

I have been diagnosed with ALS. I got to the stage I need  to be in a wheelchair. The only problem with this is it’s a power wheelchair, and right now I’m house bound, because I have no way of transporting it. So, if you can please donate any amount it would be appreciated. It would be awesome if I could get a wheelchair accessible van.

Amber Herman, an Angel Runner from Enid Oklahoma, saw the request on Facebook and tagged me in the post asking if I knew anyone though Ainsley’s Angels in Tulsa who might be able to help Kelvin

Knowing that Tulsa was working very hard to raise money to purchase equipment for their new ambassadorship, I was reluctant to tag the Tulsa Ambassador in the post. However, I tagged away: “Janna Self Sugg???”

Jana called me a day later: “Jarrett, I don’t know how I can help raise enough money to buy a van, but I wanted to do something. So, I got in touch with Kelvin and signed him us as an Athlete Rider! I know Kelvin misses running and the race experience; so hopefully, Ainsley’s Angels can give him some joy as he deals with this dreadful disease. I will also share his GOFUNDME page on Facebook.”

The next day, I received a text message from Jana:


My Aunts are giving Kelvin my late grandmother’s wheelchair accessible van!!!!!!!!



I knew I tagged the right person in that post!


God’s work!!!!


With all the hate in this world, it is so good to know that there are some very good people doing the work of God!


Kelvin is in shock and so excited!!  All he has to do is take a road trip to Tuscan to pick it up.  And my aunt is thrilled too – she’s been holding onto the van waiting for the right opportunity and when she saw my post with Kelvin’s go-fund-me, she knew this is it!

AMEN – I’m so excited!!!


Crazy good!!

Can he get to to Tuscan?


Yes, he has an awesome wife and lots of friends, doesn’t seem worried about that at all.  My aunt suggested he use the money he’s raise (almost $800) to get tag/tax and possibly new tires.  It has been sitting for almost two years since grandma died so the tires might need replaced.  otherwise it is in perfect shape.  she was in her 80s and hardly ever got out.  my aunt wants Kelvin to donate it to someone else in need when he no longer needs it.




it is only 6-7 years old but very few miles on it.  she drove the church and the zoo and that was about it.