Born An Angel - By Briley Rossiter

Ainsley's Angels of America is proud to present "Born An Angel", a children's book written by Ainsley's then 11 year-old sister, Briley.

Illustrated by Jennifer Ware and published by Mascot Books "Born an Angel" captures the inspirational story of two sisters determined to overcome the obstacles associated with learning of Ainsley's extremely rare progressive genetic nerve condition know as Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD).

This inspiring true story was written by Briley, the loving sister of an amazing young girl confined to a wheelchair, Ainsley. Having an innate desire to spend joyful moments with her sister, Briley was introduced to Rick and Dick Hoyt and road race running. This story of sibling love will warm your heart and invigorate you to change someone's world for the better.

All proceeds from the sale of “Born an Angel” are pledged by the author to Ainsley’s Angels of America Foundation.

With your assistance, we aim to ensure this book can be found in every elementary school in America to help spread its message of Inclusion in all walks of life!

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