Thursday, September 21, 2017



Racing Chairs for endurance.


To add to the spirit of Ainsley's Angels of America, we call these adaptive racing chairs “Chariot’s” just as the Romans did in their olympic games of days past.  

"Chariot racing was one of the most popular
ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine sports." 


The Chariot is designed to help keep the Angel Athlete-rider safe, as well as safety for the runner, while giving the competitive ability to endure distances ranging from a 5K or 10K to a half, full, or ultra marathon road race. 


The options on design lend themselves to the special needs of the rider. There are racing chair builders such as Team Hoyt Racing Chairs and others that understand the needs of both the rider and the runner. The end result is designs that ensure the highest safety level while allowing the team to be competitive. These builders continue to improve their design as the popularity and participation of these athlete’s continue to grow. 

Ainsley's Angels of America is excited and stands ready to assist you with getting either the brand new Freedom Push Chair by Advance Mobility, the Axiom Racer Conversion by Adaptive Star, or the Team Hoyt Blade for your Angel Athlete-rider!  From our CHAIR GRANT PROGRAM and organizational/business sponsoring to fundraising assistance and community gifting, we offer multiple programs to accommodate many situations.  

Ainsley has used her chairs in 100 road races (four Marine Corps Marathons) and we stand by all products! 

Freedom Push Chair by Advanced Mobility has a capacity up to 200lbs/5'10" and features durable construction, rider recline, and quick fold transport. We have assisted hundreds of riders in getting one of these very affordable chairs through our tax-deductible FREEDOM CHAIR GRANT and discounted purchase programs.


Click HERE for more information about or to purchase the Freedom Push Chair.           

Click HERE to request information about our FREEDOM CHAIR GRANT program. 

Team Hoyt Blade prices start at $3800.00 plus tax/shipping and can be customized to service nearly any height or weight rider as well as the pusher.  The chair is built for performance and comfort. We offer three options for this chair that includes shipping inside the US.  The Blade is unique as it breaks down for transport and fits into a bicycle box!  Also, for an additional $400.00, the BLADE BIKE BOOM can be added to convert the BLADE into a Bike trailer for triathons.  Build time is 4-6 weeks to ship.

Click HERE to request information or to purchase the BLADE through our direct purchase/fundraising assistance programs.


Axiom Racer Conversion by Adaptive Star retails at 4600.00 plus tax/shipping and serves as both a running push chair and quickly transition into be pulled by a bicycle.  The chair can be customized to service any rider's size and can be enhanced with lateral support and head rests.  Build time is 60-70 business days to ship.

Click HERE to request information or to purchase the Axiom Racer Conversion through our direct purchase/fundraising assistance programs.

In addition to ensuring everyone can experience endurance events, Ainsley's Angels of America aims to build awareness about America's special needs community through inclusion in all aspects of life.  Serving as advocates to providing education and participating as active members in local communities, we believe everyone deserves to be included.
All contributions to Ainsley's Angels of America are TAX DEDUCTIBLE under section 170 of the IRS Code.  
We are also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.  Our tax ID is EIN 45-3576353 and our IRS tax exemption ID (DLN) is 17053067330003.
All donors will receive a Donation Receipt for tax purposes upon request. Thank you for your support.

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